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What if I told you that God has a version of normal for your life that far exceeds your current experience? What if I told you that Jesus really meant it when he said, “Whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing?” What if I told you the church was meant to convincingly demonstrate Jesus’ supernatural presence to a skeptical world?

This book invites you to make 7 shifts towards God’s eternal and infinite nature that render his manifest presence and empowerment in our lives and ministries… God’s version of normal.


Will you dare to pivot towards Jesus’ and his version of normal for your life?

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The Empowerment Pivot

Why are most of us, and most of our churches, bereft of the kinds of miracles that were commonplace in the ministry of Jesus and his early followers? Doug invites us not to muster up more faith, not to try out a batch of new techniques, but to place ourselves wholly and joyfully in the presence of our triune God.

There’s so much clarity in these pages, and so much hope.

Mark Buchanan



RELEASE in 2021


The ministries of deliverance and healing were primary reasons for the explosive growth of the early church. Today, in many churches in The West, such expressions are remote or non-existent. 


What happened? How can the church recover these essential ministries as facets to mission and disciple-making? How can we operate in these without falling into the ditches of excess or neglect?


This book addresses these questions as well as reveals for the first time extensive research-based evidence to the effectiveness of deliverance in the disciple-making process. Balzer also provides key recommendations to church leaders who wish to establish such ministry upon a foundation of biblical, historical and practical evidence.





Balzer presents the lack of deliverance ministry in the Evangelical church world as being incongruent with biblical, theological and historical underpinnings and, as such, forms a significant hindrance to its effective mission. To demonstrate the efficacy of deliverance, the author surveyed 46 Christian leaders on 98 possible effects of their personal deliverance experience. The author concluded that deliverance renders significant and broad positive effects in the individual leader and makes numerous recommendations pertaining to the inclusion of deliverance in ongoing church ministry, discipleship strategies and global mission.

--Recipient of 2019 ATS Dissertation Award--

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