The reKindle Podcast is an exploration of common themes experienced by churches and leaders in their pursuit of the renewing presence of Christ, making disciples and mission. How can the church experience renewal through the Holy Spirit and do so without wrecking the church? Hosted by Doug Balzer (and a few others), this podcast includes interviews of renewal leaders, discussions of key topics, matters of equipping, etc. Consider it an intimate backstage pass to some of the current conversations on these topics. 


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Episode 11: Leading Through Crisis

Episode 10: Avoiding the Ditches of Renewal

Episode 9: Pathways to Transformation

Episode 8: Overcoming Shame

Episode 7: Rooted in the Word, Moving in the Spirit

Episode 6: Confessions of a Former Cessationist

Episode 5: Empowerment Beyond the Church Walls

Episode 4: The Soul of a Leader

Episode 3: Learning to Listen to God's Voice

Episode 2: Catalyzing Renewal in an Existing Church

Episode 1: Putting the Holy Spirit Back on my Radar